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Classical Corbels

Osborne Wood Products has a vast inventory of corbels and brackets for woodworkers and hobbyists to use within the home. Corbels were originally created as means of support for overhangs. While they still offer support, they are also used as decorative elements within interior design. The classical collection of corbels share characteristics that were inspired by Greek and Roman architecture during the classical period. This architecture focused on balance, harmony and order.

Our classical wooden corbels feature delicate scrollwork and ornate carvings. The rhythmic patterns create a sense of harmony and elegant balance. During the classical period, matching furniture design became widely popular and it is easy to incorporate complementary accent pieces throughout the home with our wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. The Miniature Classic Corbel can adorn furniture, shelving, range hoods, cabinetry and more for a subtle statement. If you want to create an eye-catching design, the Roman Classic Island Height Corbel is a great choice. Use this impressive wooden post to adorn cabinetry or fireplace mantels.

In addition to the extensive corbel selection, we offer other wooden components embodying the classical design including classical island and table legs. By pairing corbels and table legs, it is simple to achieve a consistent theme from room to room. All of our high-quality turnings are available in several wood types, depending on your preference. They are each sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished. Once you receive them, you can add your choice of paint or wood stain to the exterior for a custom look.

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