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Metal Corbels and Brackets

Corbels have developed steadily since their creation; from massive stone or concrete shapes used solely for buildings of a central importance, to wooden corbels of all sizes that can be found all over the average home. Such a tendency for growth and change shows the integral nature of architectural elements such as these. More than merely a passing trend, corbels of all kinds are critical design elements, lending their support to all manners of structures while simultaneously shaping the ambience of the room or building. Whatever the form they have taken, corbels have been central to architectural development across the centuries.

Metal corbels, another milestone in the life of the corbel, open up a new range of applications. For those designs calling for a different element of style, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is happy to introduce our new line of metal corbels. Stylish and elegant, metal corbels bring a subtle strength and an air of grace to the room.

Decorative metal corbels are increasing in popularity, due to their versatility in design. With no need to match wood types, and with a look that fits well whether paired with wood or stone decor, it is not hard to understand the growing demand. Looking just as at home under a granite counter as under a mantel, the availability of some in black or brushed aluminum finishes adds even more flexibility to the range.

Osborne Wood Products carries metal corbels that touch on different design elements. Beginning with our Florentine Scroll corbel, whose strong but delicate look fits well almost anywhere, the versatility of these corbels began to take shape. From the look of antique cast iron corbels so evident in the Antique Chelsea Corbel - with its rougher texture and delicate feel - to the unique and bold Lincolnshire Corbel whose singular and strong appearance demands a second look; these incredible pieces will easily add flair, grace, and beauty to your design.

The most recent metal corbel additions include stainless steel lighted corbels. These corbels include LED lighting technology that allow the user to achieve a stunning and unique ambience within the home. Not only is this corbel DIY friendly, but it arrives to your door with lighting elements included! No electrical experience is required to assemble these corbels!

To read more about corbel uses and how to install a corbel please refer to our blog post on how to install a corbel.

Hardware such as Screws are Not Included with Corbels.

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