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Ceiling Medallions

When designing a kitchen, living room, or bathroom, it is easy to overlook one of the largest elements in the room: the ceiling! Some ceiling designs incorporate murals, moulding, paneling and carvings. Others benefit from intricate decoration, such as a wooden ceiling medallion from Osborne Wood Products. Your simple ceiling will be transformed with one of these high quality wooden components, and guests will notice the luxurious aspects of your home immediately when they walk into the room.

Our carved wooden ceiling medallions are an excellent way to add dimension, shadow and impressive detail to a room without taking up a lot of space. They do not overpower the rest of the design and instead accentuate the elegant aspects of the room. You can choose from one of two 16” ceiling medallions designs or a 24” Ceiling Medallion (Part #7533). Each medallion has a hole in the center allowing it to gracefully fit around the light fixture of your choice, as well as unmatched detail in the delicate carvings of the piece.

These high-quality decorative components are available in a variety of wood species, including a paint-grade option. Each piece is sanded and unfinished allowing you to apply the wood stain or paint color of your choice to best match your interior. You can further accent the stunning carvings of the medallions by incorporating similar onlays or appliques into the room. Whether you are remodeling or simply updating your current home, our carved wooden ceiling medallions make it easy to enhance the overall look of a space.

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