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Ceiling Medallions

When designing a kitchen, living room, or a bathroom, it is easy to overlook a very important element to the room: the ceiling. For many designs, the ceiling can make the entire room, drawing together the various design elements with textures, lighting, and color. Though some ceilings are large enough for panels, intricate carvings, or painted murals, some only require a simple element to complete the design.

Carved Ceiling Medallions are an excellent way to add dimension, shadow, and intricate carving to a room without requiring a great amount of space. Available in 16” and 24” diameter, these beautiful carved medallions are a perfect fit. With holes through the center of the medallion, the wood piece fits gracefully among the lighting fixture of choice. When coupled with the light, the medallion is a fascinating piece, reflecting light and creating shadow to accentuate the carved detail.

Ceiling medallions exhibit grand, elegant detail. Medallions feature the egg and dart carving, intricate detail, and are also available with the acanthus leaf motif. Medallions come in a variety of wood types ranging from paint grade woods such as Maple to premium stain grades such as Cherry.

Whether you are remodeling, or simply updating a space, why not add a breath-taking medallion to accent the area. The delicate carvings and intricate detail of the carved ceiling medallions is so mesmerizing you won’t want to leave the room. Have a space you are proud to call your own with unmatched detail and quality hand carving!

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