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Contemporary Island and Table Legs

While the collection of contemporary island and table legs available at Osborne Wood Products may appear to be simpler than a lot of our more ornate designs, they are carefully-crafted to exhibit sleek elegance and make a statement in any room. Contemporary design is constantly evolving which encourages us to continue expanding our selection with not only wooden designs, but metal and fusion designs as well. This collection includes a wide variety of designs and renditions of popular profiles. Contemporary design is extremely versatile and can be customized to fit your specific preferences.

Our selection of table legs varies in sizes that accommodate coffee tables, benches, end tables, dining tables and kitchen islands. If you are looking for a simple yet sleek design, one of our Wheeler Round Dining Table Legs is a stunning choice. For something a little more unique, the Solaris Acrylic Coffee Table Leg provides a beautiful statement within a living room. Many of our designs are available in different heights so that you can create stunning complementary sets for your living room or kitchen.

Each of our wooden table legs are available in a variety of wood species. They are sanded to 150 grit and ready-to-finish. This makes it easy for you to apply the paint or stain that best matches your decor. Our acrylic components feature high-quality materials that are weight-bearing and durable. Metal components are sturdy and may be available in various finishes.

With an expansive selection to choose from, the possibilities are endless when creating your contemporary home.

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