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Kitchen Island Legs & Pilasters

  1. 34.5" Island Legs

    That Cabinet Store 1448 RW
  2. 35.5" Island Legs

    35 Island Leg
  3. 40.5" Island Legs

    Old North 1550
  4. Pilasters for Cabinetry

    Kitchen featuring 2722 891665 891330 892027 8991125 891665 custom pilaster
  5. Island Height Corbels

    Island Height Corbel
  6. Corner Posts & Vanity Legs

    Jen Woodhouse Vanity 01 322677
  7. Massive Island Legs (6-8" Wide)

    Crossgrain 1781



Osborne Wood Products carries a wide variety of kitchen island legs starting at 34 1/2" tall. Our hand-crafted styles include traditional, reeded, twisted, contemporary and mission. These legs can be applied to a cabinet face or stand alone to support a countertop, peninsula, raised table or center kitchen island. Each wooden leg is sanded to 150 grit and unfinished. Our legs do not have any drill holes or hardware, but custom services can be applied to orders at an additional cost. A popular service available for kitchen island legs is the Electrical Receptacle Notch Service which allows for an outlet to be incorporated into your design.


Osborne Wood Products boasts an impressive selection of kitchen island legs at a height of 35 1/2". Each design is available in multiple wood types with styles ranging from the sleek and slender English Country Island Leg to the sturdy and impressive Massive Savannah Island Leg and everything in between.

Along with the large variety of designs to choose from, we offer several services allowing you to further customize your build. A common milling option for a kitchen island leg is the rectangular split leg which results in two half legs vertically split allowing the builder to apply one of the pieces to a cabinet face. Visit the Custom Milling service page to find out more about rectangular splits and similar services.


Perfect for bars and elevated countertops, the tallest kitchen island legs available through Osborne Wood Products stand 40 1/2" tall. Many of the styles offered in this height are complementary to the 34 1/2" Island Legs making it easy to create cohesive kitchen designs.

Though we have an extensive line of kitchen island legs in stock, we also provide custom turnings in any height up to 96" tall. If you don't find the exact kitchen island leg you are looking for, you can request a custom quote and our staff will be happy to work with you to create the perfect design for your project.


Ranging from 34 - 41" tall, these corbels are among the most elaborate and impressive pieces offered by Osborne Wood Products. With the same structural support provided by kitchen island legs, these designs are perfect for those looking to make an elegant statement in their kitchen.

Our island height corbels are designed with a flat back surface allowing them to stand flush against kitchen cabinetry to support a protruding countertop. This common application is easy to achieve by screwing a few fasteners through the inside of the cabinet into the corbel. But the creativity does not stop there - with a wide range of designs to choose from, island height corbels can be used to accent a bar, bookshelf, mantel and more!


Sometimes projects call for something larger than the average island leg size, which is why Osborne Wood Products offers a selection of 6-8" wide kitchen island legs. Styles favorited by customers have been reimagined to accommodate unique projects that may require extra support.

These legs are available in varying sizes and wood types. They are not hollow so you can expect a high-quality, sturdy piece. Use them to hold up countertops, flank a cooktop or sink, or create the perfect kitchen bar area.


Osborne Wood Products wants to give customers the ability to customize every aspect of their kitchen and corner posts is a great way to start to enhancing your space. Similarly, utilizing one of our Pilasters for Cabinetry can further accentuate the details of any kitchen design.

Our selection of corner legs and posts offers something for everyone, from the simple Traditional Corner Post to the extravagant Carved Corner Leg. These wooden legs are an easy way to add beautiful detail and dimension to your cabinetry or vanities. With minimal space required for installation, they may be the perfect finishing touch you have been searching for.


Whether you are creating something from scratch or looking to repair an existing piece, Osborne Wood Products' large inventory of kitchen island legs is sure to meet your build requirements. Our kitchen island legs range in widths from 2 1/2" to 8", and heights from 34 1/2" to 40 1/2" tall. We also offer each product in a variety of wood species allowing for further customization.

Available styles can accent a wide array of themes including contemporary, traditional and industrial. We have butcher block legs used for low shelving, legs featuring stretcher blocks which allow for additional beams, and buffet legs that accommodate extended top blocks between 12-18" high. Each wooden leg is unfinished and sanded to 150 grit for flexibility in design.

Completing your dream kitchen is simple when you can combine one of our kitchen island legs with a complementary dining table leg or chair leg to create a beautifully cohesive look.

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