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Traditional Corbels and Brackets

Wooden corbels were originally created as a means of support for overhangs. They were structural components rather than decorative. Now, corbels are both! They are functional pieces within design that can provide stunning detail to your space. Osborne Wood Products offers a large inventory of corbels, including a collection of traditional profiles. The traditional corbels and brackets are characterized by simplistic profiles and classic styles. When you are not looking to make a corbel the center of attention within your home, the traditional corbels are ideal. These corbels are perfect for adding dimension to cabinetry, shelving, countertops and more without overstating the rest of your design.

Regardless of your project, we have the perfect corbel for you. Our traditional corbels range from small pieces such as the Brixton Bracket (Part #8782) to large components like the contemporary New Orleans Island Height Corbel Bracket (Part #1403). All of our traditional designs feature simple curvature and smooth edges for a sophisticated look.

You can easily create a stunning cohesive design throughout your home by pairing our traditional corbels with similar designs in our full traditional collection (such as table legs and furniture feet). All of our wooden components are available in multiple wood types, including paint-grade options. Each corbel is sanded to 150 grit and unfinished, allowing you the flexibility of providing a unique finishing touch to the piece.

If you would like more information regarding corbel installation, check out our how-to guide. Please note that hardware (such as screws) are not included with corbels. Wooden corbels have keyhole openings on the backside of the corbel making installation easy.

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