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Classical Moulding and Trim

Greek and Roman architecture focused on consistency within design. The architecture was meant to achieve a sense of balance, harmony and order. Creating cohesive looks by incorporating decorative components with matching styles was also widely popular. Osborne Wood Products has everything you need to achieve that classic look. Enhance your decor and overall theme by applying one of our various moulding and trim options to your space. Moulding can be used in numerous ways to add a sense of elegance to a room, plus each piece is easy to install and customize.

An important characteristic of classical design is the use of rhythmic and geometric patterns. Our classical moulding and trim options feature beautiful hand-carved ornamentations. Choose a simple yet graceful trim with the rope and reeded moulding options, or enhance the intricate detail of your home with an ornate design such as the Greek Key Panel Moulding. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you are bound to find that perfect finishing touch within our collection.

Many of our moulding options are available in multiple wood types, depending on your preference. Each piece is unfinished and sanded to 150 grit. This gives you the flexibility of applying the stain or paint color best suited for your design. If you are interested in extending the classical look throughout your home, pair the moulding with one of our classical corbels for a stunning look. We also offer a large inventory of classical island and table legs. These wooden legs range in height from coffee table to kitchen island and are available in an array of styles.

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