For The Trade

For the trade

Not only does Osborne work diligently to provide an expansive inventory of wood components and hardware, but we go one step further by offering various add-on services and customization options. We are committed to providing you with the products and information you need to complete your design. Our customer service team is ready to help with your request. Call us at (800) 849-8876 now.

  • Found the right product but not in the condition you need? We can help! One service we offer is our Electrical Receptacle Notch Service which allows you to incorporate an outlet into your kitchen island, but there is more where that came from. Osborne has a long list of services available that can be applied to certain products. Visit our full blog post for all of the details of our services which include sanding, millwork, and shipping solutions.
  • Have a large order? We offer volume discounts and a Trade Partner Discount program (TPD), as seen below. For further information, request a quote online.
  • Browsed our inventory but haven't found exactly what you are looking for? We are more than happy to discuss a custom design just for you! You tell us what you want and our experienced team will put together a drawing and price for you. The possibilities are endless - from a custom architectural column to a custom hardware installation, we are ready to turn your vision into a reality!

Volume Discounts

Osborne offers volume discounts for orders with a large capacity:

  • 5% off quantities of 24 or more of the same item
  • 10% off quantities of 50 or more of the same item
  • 20% off quantities of 100 or more of the same item
  • Any order over $3,000 will be subject to a 50% deposit.

Become a Trade Partner

Osborne extends the opportunity for businesses in the woodworking, construction, or design trades to enroll in Osborne's Trade Partner Discount Program (TPD). As a trade partner, you will enjoy a 10% discount immediately with additional discounts as you use Osborne Wood Products more frequently. To qualify as a trade partner, you must have a business in the woodworking, construction, or design trades; and send us one of any of the following documents:

  • Your company's State Sales Tax Form
  • Your company's Certificate of Incorporation
  • Your company's Certificate of Organization

You can email the file to us at [email protected] or, if you prefer, you can fax it to (888) 777-4304.

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