About Osborne Wood Products

At Osborne Wood Products, Inc., we are committed to a partnership for success by providing superior service and world-class innovation through forward thinking and a culture of caring.

Founded in 1979, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. supplies the cabinet and furniture trade internationally with the highest quality decorative wood components. We also serve many avid hobbyists and Do-It-Yourselfers with unfinished wooden parts and furniture.

Nestled in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of Toccoa, Georgia, our manufacturing and distribution facility is approximately 80,000 square feet; fully equipped with state-of-the-art CNC woodworking equipment.

We strive as a business to operate under the lordship of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to relate to you - in both personal and work relationships - in a manner that would be pleasing to Jesus Christ. This is the standard to which you can and should hold us accountable.

The Beginning - 1979

Leon and Janice Osborne started manufacturing and selling wooden items through a local county co-op. The business was located in a garage in Toccoa, Georgia and was named Osborne Wood Products, Inc.

A Supplier of Table Legs - 1989

While in the sub-contract furniture industry, Osborne realized the need to develop their own product line. After identifying a need for furniture parts in small quantities, they began manufacturing table legs and pedestals while still providing furniture for many local companies.

The Fire - 1994

The shop was hit by lightning, which resulted in a fire that consumed 95% of the facility. The associates of Osborne Wood Products, Inc. decided together to press on and rebuild the company. Local businesses and townspeople offered support by providing warehouse space, supplies, even the use of a hydro-copy lathe. Suppliers extended longer terms and an understanding attitude. Business was back to normal (and growing) in less than a year.

www.osbornewood.com - 1998

Osborne's website (www.osbornewood.com) was designed, developed and released. Within two years, the site had become a fully operational e-commerce site, where customers could order any part of the Osborne product line.

Carved Cabinet Components Introduced - 2003

The first corbels were produced by a leading carving company. These products were warmly received by customers and quickly led to an expanding collection of carvings, including acanthus leaf, grape, basket weave and other designs.

The Fitness Center - 2004

After years of dreaming and months of planning, Osborne had a gymnasium constructed behind the shop, complete with an aerobics room, racquetball court, weight room and a full-size basketball court. This was done in a continuing effort to promote the health and wellbeing of Osborne employees.

Lean Management - 2006

Lean Management took Osborne by storm when Leon Osborne initiated consultation from Georgia Institute of Technology in an effort to make the facility more efficient. Processes were revamped and the shop was completely rearranged, while lead time and cost were greatly reduced. To this day, Osborne and its employees are constantly involved with lean management.

The Green Addition - 2008

The Osborne facility expanded yet again, this time to accommodate brand new front offices. The entire office addition was built with the environment in mind. Recycled material was used wherever possible along with low to no VOC paint, carpeting and insulation. Energy saving windows were installed and the stone facade was created using a non-quarried field stone.

Full Table Kit Production - 2012

The mass customization of full table kits began. Stemming from the popular custom table base kits; Osborne made available full table kits including: legs, apron, hardware and table top. Tables of all styles and sizes are now available at Osborne.

Furniture Kit Production - 2012

Furthering the mass production of kits, Osborne added various furniture kits to the product catalog. Chair kits became available, along with a full free standing island kit.

National Recognition in WOOD 100 - 2013

Osborne received its first national recognition in 2013 WOOD 100: Strategies for Success report by Woodworking Network.

Second Recognition in WOOD 100 - 2015

After implementing a variety of technology advancements in the production and shipping departments, Osborne was recognized in the 2015 WOOD 100: Strategies for Success report in the category of Customer Service.

Bendix Architectural Products, Inc. - 2015

Osborne purchased the assets of Bendix Architectural Products, Inc. which were transferred from Passaic, New Jersey to Osborne's facility in Toccoa, Georgia. Bendix was founded in 1924, but the family produced wooden mouldings in Germany as early as 1854. Their collection featured decorative corbels, appliques and crown mouldings. Osborne acquired this well-respected company with confidence, significantly expanding their inventory.

Warehouse Addition - 2016

Upon the acquisition of the Bendix Collection, Osborne felt the need to expand their facility by building new warehouse space. This resulted in better efficiency, inventory management and shipping procedures.

Third Recognition in WOOD 100 - 2016

The company was nationally recognized in WOOD 100 for the year of 2016. This time, they were featured in the Business Strategies category due to the success of the Bendix addition, productivity, customer service and employee growth.

Globe Award Winner - 2020

The Georgia Department of Economic Development recognized Osborne (alongside 31 other Georgia companies) for entering new international markets in 2019. Although Osborne had been an international supplier for many years, their ongoing efforts to expand internationally resulted in an increase of customers in new markets.

Facing COVID-19 and Expansion - 2020

Osborne navigated the coronavirus pandemic with an aggressive approach immediately upon hearing the news. Safety measures began for all employees in February 2020. In March 2020, Osborne partnered with Stephens County Hospital to create an informational video answering common COVID-19 questions. New procedures and policies were implemented allowing employees to work remotely, all while maintaining the exceptional customer service the company is known for. The company also participated in community efforts to eradicate the spread of the virus by donating N95 masks and partnering with the Stephens County Health Department to host a vaccine clinic for employees on-site. New CNC equipment was added to the facility, and lean marketing initiatives were furthered.

Globe Awards and New Wood Species - 2020

Osborne was one of 19 recipients of the 2021 GLOBE award. The company also released a new wood: poplar! Poplar is a hardwood that is very easy to work with. Poplar is considered "paintgrade" lumber.

Wood 100 Recognition - 2022

Osborne was recognized in Wood 100 and were asked to share marketing strategies for success.

New Developments & 40 Under 40 - 2023

A brand new trade show display was unveiled, dozens of new products were released, and a third Osborne employee was recognized in Wood Industry’s 40 Under 40.

Our Product

Table Legs, Kitchen Island Legs, Corbels, Moulding, and Furniture Feet are just a sample of the wood components that Osborne has been creating since 1979.

Our high standards of and commitment to superior quality empowers each person along the manufacturing and distribution chain to capture defects at the earliest possible point. A final inspection takes place immediately prior to shipping, ensuring the highest quality product is received by you, the customer.

Our Service

It is our policy to provide you with the utmost professionalism and helpfulness. Whether preparing a stock product, developing a custom item, or just answering any questions you may have, we want to be a part of turning your ideas into a reality.

Our commitment to service also extends to our lead time. We understand that many times your needs require our products immediately, and that is why we strive to ship every order out the same day it was placed for no additional fee.


We are proud to be a supporter of the Georgia Heart Hospital Program.

Each year, we make an effort to contribute to this initiative as a business and by encouraging employees to be involved.

Contributions support rural hospitals throughout Georgia and ensure they have the necessary resources to provide quality patient care.

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