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Rope and Spiral Furniture Feet

Rope and spiral carvings are unique designs that can be incorporated into a large number of interior design themes. They are satisfying components that provide extra dimension and texture to a space. Whether you are upgrading an existing piece of furniture or creating a brand new build, our wooden furniture feet are great additions to your project! Each wooden foot is available in several wood species, depending on your preference. They are also sanded to 150 grit and unfinished so that you can apply a custom finishing touch with your choice of paint or wood stain.

Furniture feet can be used as decorative elements for sofas, dressers, entertainment centers, bookshelves, ottomans and more. The Spiral Bun Sofa Leg is a stunning wooden furniture foot that features impressive carvings. There is an elegant spiral that continues around the exterior of the leg creating a sense of movement in the piece. Adding these to your couch can completely transform it!

This selection of furniture feet pair well with other components within the rope and spiral collection. You can create stunning complementary sets for your living room or dining room by utilizing one of our rope and spiral island and table legs. Our wooden table legs are available in varying heights that can accommodate anything from a coffee table to a kitchen island. We also have a wide variety of rope and spiral moulding and trim options that allow you to focus on the finer details. Add moulding to your cabinetry, walls, furniture, mantels and more for a unique finishing touch.

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