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Craftsman Table Legs

As part of our extensive wooden table leg selection, Osborne Wood Products has various designs that are perfect for the craftsman-style home. Each piece features impressive lines and beautifully-turned square profiles that exhibit a style of durability and elegance. Craftsman design has been popular since it developed in the mid to late 1800s. It gained traction quickly as it was a response to machine production. Craftsman components focus on purity, simplicity and harmony with nature which often means that the wood is the star of the piece.

We offer wooden table legs in various sizes to accommodate the specifications of your build. Give your coffee table, dining room table or kitchen island a craftsman look by utilizing a set of four legs or a complete base kit such as the popular Journeyman Pedestal Table Base kit. These kits are easy to assemble and show off impressive craftsmanship in a unique way. They also complement other decor themes such as country, rustic and shaker.

If you are aiming to create a cohesive craftsman theme throughout your home, add additional detail to your space by pairing one of our table legs with a craftsman corbel. Corbels are versatile components that offer support and act as decoration within the home. Each wooden component is available in a variety of wood types, depending on your preference. Each piece is sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you can apply the wood stain or paint color of your choice. With so many sizes and profiles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect component to complete your next project!

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