Custom Table Base Kits from Osborne

General Information

Are you interested in ordering a custom table base kit from Osborne? This page has all of the information you need to start your customization process! Once created, your table base kit will include the legs, apron boards, and hardware to assemble your chosen table base type (4-sided or 3-sided). The legs and apron boards will come pre-milled with mortise and tenon joinery for easy assembly. The inner corner of the legs will be chamfered with a pre-installed threaded insert. Apron boards will be made of 4" x 1" boards (actual dimensions) and will include pocket holes along the inside top edge to easily attach them to your table top. For the 3-sided apron kits, the skirt boards that will attach to your existing structure will also include pocket holes on the inside ends of the apron boards for easy assembly.

  • Apron boards are 4" x 1" (actual size)
  • Table top is not included
  • If additional services are requested, contact customer service at 800-849-8876.
  • Skirt boards are set back from the edges of the legs. Details on the specific set backs are below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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