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Custom Legs

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Using custom legs for your project offers you the ability to create genuine one-of-a-kind work whether it is a piece of furniture or a full set of kitchen cabinets.  If you can imagine it we can produce it for you and we have people at hand to discuss your custom legs.  Your personal designs may be produced in the same woods in whiCustom Wood Table Legch we produce our standard designs including paint grade woods.  You may customize any of the leg dimensions in addition to creating customized decorative treatments and embellishments.  We have several unique designs already available in our custom design collection.  You may also look at some of our taller legs found in 40 1/2” island legs. 

Custom legs may also be created by combining features borrowed from several of our existing designs.  If you like the fluting on one leg but prefer the foot from another, we can combine these features for you and create custom legs that are truly your own.  This can be done with legs from any of the categories such as end table or coffee table legs, dining table legs, or furniture legs.  Custom legs can also be created by splitting legs for use as decorative elements across the fronts of running base cabinets.  While we already offer half legs, your design may require something thicker or thinner than a half leg – a custom leg will solve this for you.  Custom heights can also be achieved with custom legs.  If we offer the design that you want but not in the height that meets your needs you may order this as a custom leg in order to get exactly what you need for your project.

By offering you the opportunity to create your own custom legs it is our desire to allow you to produce wood projects for any area of your or your client’s home.  Having access to custom legs allows you to create daybeds and full sized beds, bedside tables or dining tables.  It also allows you to create extremely fine cabinet work for a library or sporting room such as a gun room or billiard room.  With access to custom legs, there really is no chair, table, chest or cabinet that you can imagine that you cannot build.  And our large offering of wood types allows you to match or contrast your existing woodwork as you choose.  
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