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English Country Round Bun Foot

4 12″ x 3 14 Part #4040 English Country Round Bun Foot
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $9.16  ea
•  Red Oak $11.96  ea
•  Knotty Pine $8.93  ea
•  Cherry $14.81  ea

Premium Selection

•  Hickory $12.06  ea
•  Alder $12.87  ea
•  Hard Maple $12.93  ea
•  Mahogany $15.74  ea
•  Black Walnut $23.21  ea
•  White Oak $20.52  ea

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More ornate than a Tulip Bun Foot, the English Country Bun Foot is just a smidgen on the uppity side. The extra plateau near the zenith of its circumference makes this English Country Bun Foot swell with pride. "How could the Tulip Bun Foot dare to compare itself to me?" questions the English Country Bun Foot. "For everyone knows that I am superior in every way," it boasts. If your perfect project is in need of a superior bun foot with an attitude, then the English Country Bun Foot makes the perfect foundation.

Cabinet legs and feet provide a finishing touch that adds to the appeal of your space. To make a statement with kitchen cabinets, consider adding decorative cabinet legs and cabinet feet to create a furniture-like look. When added to the bottom of your cabinets to raise them up and off the floor, a soothing space for toes is created. The feel of the entire kitchen is lighter and airier with elevated cabinets. The cabinets appear more like fine furniture. Available in many different styles and configurations, cabinet legs and feet can showcase your room’s overall design theme.
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English Country Round Bun Feet

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