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Learn about Countertop Legs for your cabinetry

Countertop Legs

“Countertop legs” is an alternative term we use to describe our kitchen island legs or island height corbels.  We offer an expansive inventory of countertop legs ranging in height from 34 1/2” to 40 1/2” in order to accommodate your needs when adding custom height countertops to your projects. We manufacture a broad array of styles ranging from the simple to the ornate in order to assist you with creating the exact appearance you want for your cabinetwork.  These legs really do double duty in cabinetwork as they provide structural support while setting the tone for the room.  Due to their size and necessarily prominent placement, countertop legs often create the key for the motif that will follow with the rest of the decorative wood elements.

Countertop legs may also be used for supporting the terminating point of a peninsula or they may be used to create a movable bar-height table.  Another attractive use for countertop legs is their inclusion across the long front of built-in wall cabinets.  Their regular appearance can provide a regular interruption and rhythm to an otherwise flat cabinet facade.  For applying to the fronts of cabinets or to use for turning corners you might considering ordering your legs as half legs or three-quarter legs.  Although we offer a full selection of fine woods for our countertop legs you may want to consider using paint grade material that is economical while still maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.  Of course, countertop legs provide the keynote for the style of many kitchen islands and may be used in these pieces as either
embellished structural supports or included for purely decorative purposes.

Due to their height, countertop legs may also be included in cabinet work for other rooms.  Half legs of this height can be applied to the fronts of lower cabinets in a library setting while the fully turned legs rise above and in front of the shelves.  They also serve nicely as legs for higher furniture pieces such as dining room sideboards or in replicating hunt boards.  Another use to which these taller countertop legs might be put is as the ornamental supports on mantelpieces where a late nineteenth century effect is desirable.  You might also consider the creative use of vanity legs in a countertop application.