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Massive Island Legs (6-8" Wide)

At Osborne Wood Products, we understand that sometimes the project design calls for something a little out of the ordinary. Sometimes your project will call for a large, sturdy leg with a width that may otherwise be custom. But wait…

Before you request a quote for an oversized leg, check out the 6-8 inch wide island leg selection at Osborne! Some of our favorite legs have been created in a massive size to fit your unique project designs. The 6-8” legs are not hollow, so you can expect a large, heavy piece to get the job done! All 6-inch to 8-inch legs, like other island legs, will come unfinished and sanded to 150 grit; ready for finishing.

Heights available at this massive size include 34.5 inches, 35.5 inches, and 40.5 inches. Styles available include popular styles such as the Massive Wilmington post, featuring a top square with delicate turnings through the rest of the leg. The Massive Concord island post features a block just above the bottom foot of the leg, perfect for a rail or shelf application. The Massive Islander Post is a favorite that (like the Wilmington and Concord) is available in both six inch and eight inch widths.

Just because the island legs are larger doesn’t mean you should not have the same wood type offerings! At Osborne, massive island legs are available in Traditional, Premium, and Specialty Wood Types. That adds up to over twenty different options for wood types available! For oversized, massive island leg needs, the 6” to 8” wide legs are a perfect option for the job.

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