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Massive Island Legs (6-8" Wide)

At Osborne Wood Products, we understand that sometimes the project design calls for something a little out of the ordinary. You can always request a custom quote from us to have a piece made specifically for your project, but in an effort to try and accommodate most project demands, we have expanded our inventory to include an impressive selection of massive island legs. These sturdy designs range from 6-8" wide and feature popular profiles. If you have a large kitchen island build ahead of you, our massive island legs may be the perfect option.

These durable posts have heights ranging from 34 1/2" to 41" tall. The wooden profiles exhibit strength as they are not hollow. We have traditional and ornate designs, as well as unique island height corbels to choose form. All of these are sanded to 150 grit to allow for easy finishing. With multiple wood types to choose from, you can easily customize any piece to match your individual style or the surrounding décor.

These massive island legs are adaptations of some of our favorite table leg designs; such as the Massive Concord Island Leg (Part #1489) which features a large top block and a small block just above the foot of the leg creating the perfect opportunity to install a rail or shelf. The Large Islander Leg (Part #1850) boasts beautiful curves and turnings that has many variations among our inventory due to its versatile profile. Other designs feature intricate carvings, such as rope, fluted or and reeded patterns.

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