Wood Types

Traditional Wood Types


HickoryIf you are looking for strength, hardness, and durability; Hickory is the best commercially available wood in North America. The grain is normally straight, but can sometimes be irregular or wavy. Hickory has a coarse texture, with a great deal of color variation between reddish brown, lighter brown, and white.

Soft Maple

Soft MapleSoft Maple is considered a paint grade because of minor mineral streaking, in addition to its close grained texture creating a more than adequate painting surface. Having medium density, hardness, and strength, its machining and finishing properties are good, as is its stability. This fine textured and close grained wood does not require filling.

Red Oak

Red OakRed Oak is a wood that is known for being very hard, heavy, and strong. However, given its density, it is actually fairly easy to work. Like Hickory, it does have a coarse texture. Red Oak turns, carves, and bends well. It is also characterized by having excellent sanding and finishing properties, and great stability.

Knotty Pine

PineKnotty Pine is a lightweight wood, characterized by a straight grain and a fine, even texture. While knots are prevalent in the wood, the knots tend to be small and tight, giving the wood the signature rustic look that pine is so well known for, Knotty Pine is dimensionally stable and durable.


RubberwoodBelonging to the Maple family, Rubberwood has very little tendency to warp or crack, as well as a dense grain character. Another benefit is that it is Earth Friendly. Unlike other trees used for lumber, Rubberwood is not harvested until it can no longer be used for its latex-producing sap; and then when it is harvested, new rubber trees are planted.

Metallic Selection

Flat Black Finish

Flat Black FinishWith its black powder coating, metal corbels available in the flat black finish easily complement lighter colored wood types or stone facades alike. This smooth finish gives the appearance of a cast iron, but allows for the light weight of wrought aluminum. The smooth and rich black finish is sleek looking, though it is not glossy.

Brushed Aluminum

Brushed AluminumThe brushed aluminum finish draws its name from the fact that the metal is physically brushed to give a textured appearance, and then finished with a clear coat. This finish works particularly well when contrasting darker wood finishes, such as Black Walnut, or even Cherry or Mahogany finished with a dark stain.

Antique Cast Iron

Antique Cast IronThe antique cast iron finish chosen by Osborne was carefully selected with an eye toward authenticity of appearance. It has both the visual and tactile feeling that is found on genuine cast iron work but with lower maintenance and a longer life.

Brushed Copper

Brushed CopperThe copper finish we carefully selected has a slightly aged appearance. We stopped short of a full patination as it is too dark. Conversely, we avoided a new penny look. The result is a finish that quickly identifies itself as copper but which is neither too dark nor to light. It will blend well with surrounding copper elements such as hardware.


ChromeOur chrome finish is a highly polished chrome that is plated to a fine zinc alloy that has been chosen for weight and durability. The chrome finish is mirror clear and is reminiscent of the finish found on expensive faucet sets. This finish will hold its own around any fine hardware that is used on surrounding cabinetwork.

Stainless Steel

Stainless SteelAll of our stainless steel products are produced from high quality, thick gauge stainless steel. You can feel the quality of craftsmanship and materials the minute you touch the products. Although stainless steel is frequently associated with designs that reflect an industrial design aesthetic, stainless steel can serve equally well as a counterbalance when introduced into more complicated design work.

Gun Metal Gray

Gun Metal GrayOur gunmetal gray finish is a polished finish applied to a fine quality zinc alloy base. The result is a timeless, elegant appearance that lends itself to projects where quiet sophistication is called for. The inclusion products in our gunmetal gray finish can be selected to successfully complement other cabinet hardware or may be used as stand-alone pieces that harmonize on a quieter level.


BronzeOsborne replicates the original copper-and-tin recipe that is used to create beautiful bronze by applying a faultless bronze finish over a fine quality zinc based alloy that results in a product that is both attractive and durable. This allows us to offer products with all of the luxury of bronze but without the extreme weight that is usually associated with bronze products.

Premium Wood Types


AlderAlder is characterized by its straight grain and even texture. Its reddish brown color often looks similar to Cherry. While Alder is often used to mimic Cherry, its rich tone is beautiful. And certainly warrants use for its own distinct qualities. Though it dents relatively easy, it offers a stable surface.


CherryCherry wood is moderately heavy, hard, and strong, and it also machines and sands to glass-like smoothness. Because of this, Cherry finishes beautifully. The heartwood in Cherry is red in color, and the sapwood is light pink. Components made of Cherry generally consist of approximately 25% sapwood and 75% heartwood.

Hard Maple

Hard MapleHard Maple is considered our stain grade Maple, because it is more consistent in color than its “cousin,” Soft Maple. The wood is characterized as dense, and light in color. Similar to our Soft Maple, Hard Maple is a fine textured and close grained wood that does not require filling.


MahoganyNot only one of the most valuable timbers in Africa, this species is also one of the foremost cabinet woods in the world. Mahogany is characterized as having straight to interlocked grain and a medium coarse texture. The wood varies slightly in color from a light reddish brown to a medium red.

Red Birch

Red BirchThe heartwood of Yellow Birch is red in color. While it is softer than Red Oak, it does actually have a tighter grain, which makes it very easy to finish. Red Birch is similar to Cherry in its appearance, as well as in its density and its resistance to abrasion.

Black Walnut

Black WalnutBlack walnut is considered a rare wood type, and it is quite durable and strong. Its coloration can be light to chocolate brown, and may contain burls, butts, and curls. The sapwood is usually white in color, and may be as high as 25%, but we have it steamed to make it a light coffee color, allowing for better color uniformity.


LyptusLyptus lumber comes from Eucalyptus trees grown to CERFLOR standards, Brazil’s national sustainable forestry standard. Lyptus is pruned throughout its growing process, which means it grows straight and relatively knot-free; reducing waste. Also, it is a fast growing tree, making it an easily replenished lumber source. Lyptus rivals Cherry and Mahogany in appearance, while having properties similar to Hard Maple.

Specialty Woods


BeechBeech is a heavy, pale -colored, medium-to-hard wood. It is a fine, tight grain and has large medullar rays. Beech is similar in appearance to maple and birch. One excellent characteristic of Beech is the fact that it does stain and polish well. Beech is a wood with high crush strength and medium stiffness.

Spanish Cedar

Spanish CedarSpanish Cedar is a freshly cut heartwood that is pinkish to reddish brown but becomes red or dark reddish brown upon exposure. The wood is coarser than that of mahogany. Spanish Cedar has many other great qualities such as being durable, light but strong and is a straight grain wood.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red CedarWestern Red Cedar has twice the stability of most commonly available softwoods. Although Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most durable woods it however lacks in strength. Western Red Cedar has a uniform texture and is also a straight grained wood. One great characteristics of Western Red Cedar is that it is one of the easiest woods to work with.

Knotty Alder

Knotty AlderKnotty Alder is a hardwood of medium density that features a color range of light browns with reddish hues. Knotty Alder, being true to its name, features large split knots and open knots that vary in size. The knots can come in a variety of shapes and colors which can cause the knots to take stain differently than the rest of the wood. Some knots may also be completely through the wood, making this wood a perfect choice for rustic style projects.

White Oak

White OakWhite Oak, an American hardwood, ranges in color from a very light color to a light to dark brown heartwood. White oak is much harder and heavier than the Red Oak. White oak is characterized by a mostly straight grained wood with a medium to coarse texture. The white oak will exhibit longer rays than that of the Red Oak, giving it more figure. The tighter, straighter grain pattern does not allow stain to penetrate the grain as easily resulting in a more consistent finish.

Tiger Maple

Tiger MapleTiger Maple has a unique pattern to it, the pattern travels across the grain and can look like stripes, waves or small flames. The curly grain can make tiger maple less stable than straight grained maple. Tiger Wood is a hard durable wood and is a frequent choice for custom-made furniture.

Heart Pine

Heart PineHeart Pine is a wood where the color ranges from dark rich amber to various shades of golden yellow. When Heart Pine is exposed to light it does cause the wood to darken and yellow with time. Heart Pine is softer than red oak yet quite dense and strong. The grain of Heart Pine is open and broad with some knots as well.

Douglas Fir

Douglas FirDouglas Fir, also known as the Oregon Pine, is a light rosy colored wood that reddens overtime. It is a tight knotted and close-grained wood that has a high degree of stiffness as well. IF you are looking to paint or stain this wood it holds all types of stains and finishes. Douglas Fir is dimensionally stable.


CypressCypress wood, which is found along the Atlantic Coastal Plain from Delaware to Florida, is noted for color consistency, density, hardness, and relative lack of knots. It has a predominantly yellow tone with reddish, chocolate, or olive hues. Cypress has oils in the heartwood that make it very durable.

Finished Wood

Looking for Finished Wood Components

Finished Cabinet Components

If you are looking for a Osborne Products that are already finished you can easily have your products shipped to Cabinet-Mart for finishing services

This page describes several of the different wood types offered by Osborne Wood Products, Inc. Please be aware that we use solid squares to make our legs whenever we can. However, when we cannot get these, the squares will be made of several boards glued together. Some prefer this because it does make the leg more stable. Others would prefer solids because of uniform color. If you need to know if a turning for your order is from a solid square or is a laminated part please feel free to call us. Also if you need another type of wood, please submit a quote.

There are many other, more exotic wood types. The Humboldt Woodworkers Guild provides more information for the curious woodworker.