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38" Table Slide (38" opening)

Part #9056
$153.40 ea

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  • 2024-01-06 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Smooth finish, just the right amount of play, good instructions

  • 2023-10-05 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    My table was fro the 60's. The origional slides were warped. The new slides worked perfectly. My table is more stable then when I first bought it.

  • 2023-04-28 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    dining table

  • 2023-03-23 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Have used them in the past and are excellent.

  • 2023-03-16 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality great.

    Shipping miscalculated probably.

  • 2022-11-05 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I would recommend your product to anyone looking for solid wood components for furniture building or repair.

  • 2022-10-20 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)


  • 2022-09-29 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Very well made product. Installed very easily.

  • 2022-03-14 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Product arrived on time and was in great condition.

  • 2022-03-03 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    well made - easy to install

  • 2022-01-28 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)


  • 2021-12-23 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Product worked great, good quality, easy to install.

  • 2021-12-11 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality and design seem to be top notch.

  • 2021-04-22 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I like the quality of the table slide rails along with the price. Great company that I would recommend to others.

  • 2021-04-05 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    High quality!! We replaced the old slides the broke in half with new ones from Osborne. Great product and we didn't have to go out and buy a new table in time for Easter dinner. Between their Customer Service and YouTube, it was easy to put back together!!

  • 2021-04-01 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality that's it

  • 2021-03-28 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality product, well made

  • 2021-03-25 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Excellent. It did what it was suppose to due. I installed it in an antique dinning room table and the slide works perfect. I have already recommended this product to my son in law. The quality of the product was good. I only wish it was made in the USA. We are trying not to buy products that are not made in the USA.

  • 2021-03-25 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    it looks like a well made product and it would have been nice to get instructions. I am sure that they will send when I ask.

  • 2021-03-04 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Cant rate it. It hasn’t been used yet.

  • 2021-02-19 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    This is my first time using these table slides but, my shop-mate has used them on several table builds and recommends them highly. I'm sure they will work as expected.

  • 2021-02-19 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Made a seven foot table into a five foot with leaf. Love the way it turned out!

  • 2021-01-28 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I used this in a table I built for my daughter and son-in-law for a wedding present. It expanded the table to include a leaf--hoping for some grandkids--It worked perfectly, was easy to install and the directions were easy to understand and SHORT!!!
    The quality was top notch and I will definitely recommend to all my carpenter friends.

  • 2020-12-05 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I used the slides on a dining table I was building
    I would recommend these to anyone I knew that was building a table.
    They seem to be very good quality. they are sturdy and slide really nice.

  • 2020-12-05 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Awesome product

  • 2020-10-24 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I have a heavy old oak table that sagged with its original slides. I replace them with *** slides feeling that they would be strong enough to support the weight, but they sagged also. I searched online for solutions and found Osborne's products with a built-in camber to keep the middle high. It works perfectly, the table does not sag and is perfectly flat with the insert installed.

  • 2020-10-16 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Excellent product. Would liked to have some installation instructions with it though. The slides are marked left and right. What is left and right on a rectangle table?

  • 2020-07-10 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    From my limited knowledge and brief description, the correct product was shipping quickly. The products were correct and well constructed, they were very close to the original parts only of better quality. They were easy to install and worked properly making the repair fast and easy.

  • 2020-05-14 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Product was good. Instructions were not clear for a novice.

  • 2020-05-09 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    quality product

  • 2020-04-24 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Finals, table legs, island legs,
    table slides, etc

  • 2020-03-27 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)


  • 2020-03-27 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Tables slides were in excellent shape on arrival. They make a great slide for table leaves. It is simple and easy to install .

  • 2020-02-18 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I used the slides to retrofit an existing table that was deemed too long by its owners. The table has two leaves now and can expand from 54" up to 84". Great workmanship and smooth action on the slides. Easy to install, too!

  • 2020-02-13 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    looks great

  • 2020-01-28 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Excellent quality and very quick delivery

  • 2019-12-18 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality is great. Exactly what we needed to complete our project. We build rustic furniture and this was a huge asset for a table that we are building for a client.

  • 2019-12-15 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I used the table slides on my wife's and my dining room table. The existing slides were not parallel and one split when I tried to open table to take out extension boards. A homeowner with mechanical and carpentry knowledge will have no problem using product. Also this product can be used by craftsmen who build tables for a living.

  • 2019-11-29 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    Quality seems good so far. We’ve only Ha draw table slides on the table for less than a day, but they held up for Thanksgiving (and arrived in time!), so that is a success so far.

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