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Cannonball Headboard Bedpost (46 12″ x 4″)

46 12″ x 4″ Part #2001 Cannonball Headboard Bedpost
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Traditional Selection

•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $104.73  ea
•  Red Oak $124.95  ea
•  Knotty Pine $64.93  ea
•  Cherry $281.37  ea

Premium Selection

•  Hickory $213.59  ea
•  Alder $200.45  ea
•  Hard Maple $213.62  ea
•  Mahogany $217.81  ea
•  Black Walnut $292.52  ea

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This is truly an American design. In the late 1600s the cannonball held specific significance as it was the most revered form of weaponry known to then-modern mankind. Therefore, the cannonball design soon adorned the furniture of the day as well as fence posts and hitching posts that dotted the city-scapes of the day. In keeping with this American tradition, the designers at Osborne Wood Products established a traditional design that features the cannonball at the apex of the leg. It rests atop a spool perch and attached to the eased shoulder of the square. This same eased shoulder design is replicated at the bottom for symmetrys sake. The 4-inch square allows for maximum screw length to appropriately affix your desired bed hardware. The Cannonball Bed Post is also available in a 39 inch height, to allow for shorter posts at the foot of the bed.