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Pedestal Feet

Ogee feet make use of a Roman architectural element known as the cyma reversa. This is where there are two adjacent curves beneath a horizontal center line; the concave arch below rounds upward into a convex arch. This same element is used in many corbels and moldings, and is responsible for the "classic" look of many components, and the Ogee feet at Osborne Wood Products are no exception.

The sleek shape of Ogee feet distinguishes them from other furniture feet and bun feet in that the Ogee feet often leave the viewer with the impression that the feet are part of the whole piece, as opposed to looking as though the furniture body is "sitting on" other types of feet. Ogee styles can include elaborations beyond the basic design, of which ogee bracket feet would be an example, and are frequently the type of chair legs chosen for upholstered chairs.

Recently, the stylistic versatility of the Ogee collection was enhanced by the addition of a stunning hand carved beauty - the Corner Acanthus Ogee Foot. Although the elegance of the standard Ogee pieces has typically seemed to flow from the simplicity of the design, there are also many designs that call for something slightly more ornate, with delicate accents that draw the eye and inspire the viewer. It is with these pieces in mind that the Corner Acanthus Ogee Foot was created.

This new foot can complement other acanthus pieces, or add a decorative flair to a more toned-down piece. To enhance the unifying effect of these wooden Ogee feet, Osborne Wood Products also offers an Ogee molding in 12 inch increments (between 24 and 96 inches).

The coordinating Ogee molding available in so many sizes, as well as the fact that Osborne offers their unfinished Ogee feet in more than ten wood types—including the ever popular Hard Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, Alder, and paint grade selection—gives the designer ample opportunity to subtly coordinate multiple elements of the design.

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