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Pedestal Feet

Ogee feet, or pedestal feet, make use of a Roman architectural element creating a classic look within the home. Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of wooden ogee feet most often used to lift a dresser or enhance an upholstered chair, but there are a large number of creative applications.

The sleek shape of ogee furniture feet distinguishes them from other bun feet as they appear to be part of a furniture piece rather than a separate component. Choose from left, right, center or corner feet, depending on which design best complements your project. Simple pedestal feet such as the Center Colonial Ogee Foot are a traditional option for the home. More intricate designs require decorative components to accent the piece such as the Corner Acanthus Leaf Ogee Foot.

If you like the attractive curvature of pedestal feet, you may also be interested in our Ogee Moulding, which is available in various wood types. Combine these products to seamlessly display a certain theme throughout the home.

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