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Osborne Wood Products works diligently to expand our inventory in order to accommodate customer needs and wants. This means that we go beyond the typical wooden components such as table legs and corbels, and aim to bring you other integral elements for your home design. As a result, part of our collection includes various kits and hardware to create your own custom shelving. Shelving is crucial to creating additional storage or attractive displays for decor within living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Our shelving kits were developed with the goal of being functional, stylish and easy-to-assemble. Shelves can add much needed functionality to a room without taking away from the overall theme. Our wooden shelves can be customized by selecting your preferred wood type and applying a certain wood stain or paint as the finish. For an innovative and modern approach, you can incorporate floating shelves into your design. Our floating shelf kits make it appear as if no hardware is holding up the wooden shelf. They include necessary hardware and the wooden shelf. You can purchase a full kit, or one of our metal floating shelf bracket kits which allow you to create your own floating shelf (these are available in varying lengths and widths).

If you are interested in an industrial look, we also offer a stunning fusion design in our 3-Tier Metal Pipe Shelf (Part #8702) kit as well as additional pipe brackets if you would like to create a unique variation. Regardless of the style you are aiming for, you are bound to find a use for one of our shelving kits within your home.

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