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Vanity Legs

It may simply be the counter that holds the sink at which every person in your home gets ready for their day; or it may be where the decorative elements of the bathroom are established. The countertop could be wood, marble, stone, or one of countless other choices. It could be crowned with an ornate mirror, or a simple mirrored medicine cabinet. There could be a single basin, or his-and-her sinks. The vanity legs supporting that top may be rounded posts or corner-fitted posts. They may be elaborate or simple. They may be Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry-finished; or they could be painted. Your guests may be soothed by the simplicity of the design or awed by its intricacy. The options for bathroom vanities are endless, but one thing is definite.

Without a doubt, the focal point of the decor for every great bathroom is the vanity. Whether the style is modern with a metal foot, classic, rustic, or follows a more specific theme; the bathroom vanity legs chosen can make or break that theme. A perfectly complementing vanity is like the keystone of the design, holding everything together as one cohesive masterpiece. Osborne Wood Products offers a variety of carved vanity legs in delicate detail, as well as non-carved posts that exude a more simple elegance. Osborne carries corner posts ranging from simple designs to the more ornate; with elegant corner legs displaying intricately carved feet and delicately detailed borders, and simple posts with tall, square shoulders supported by a subtle turned section. Whether the theme is extravagant or more muted, Osborne Wood Products has the vanity legs you need.

As you would expect from Osborne Wood Products, many of these posts are available in ten or more wood types, allowing for flexibility in decor options. No matter what the style, and whether the theme is extravagant or more muted, Osborne Wood Products has the vanity legs you need.

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