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Light Rail Moulding

A common trend in modern homes is under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, bathroom or living areas. Osborne Wood Products understands that while under-cabinet lighting is great, the hardware required to achieve it likely does not match the style of your home. That is where our selection of light rail moulding comes in.

These beautiful wooden pieces are made with functionality and style in mind. Hide electrical fixtures by applying a moulding piece to the front edge of your upper cabinets. Extra detail is incorporated into the space due to intricate carvings on each moulding, such as the stunning geometric pattern of the Greek Key Light Rail Moulding.

We offer each of our light rail moulding designs in a variety of wood types. They are 96” long but can easily be cut into the specific size you need. Each piece is sanded to 150 grit and arrives ready for finishing and installation.

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