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Onlays and Appliques

Osborne Wood Products boasts an expansive selection of decorative wooden onlays and appliques for endless customization and embellishment opportunities. Almost any piece of furniture or decor piece within the home can have an onlay or applique added to it. With options ranging from simplistic geometric wooden blocks to intricate ornaments, our inventory is bound to have the perfect fit for your project.

The beautiful swirls and delicate carvings found among our wooden components add a sense of elegance to a room. Many designs come in a number of sizes and variations, such as the popular Carved Grape Cluster, allowing you to integrate a theme seamlessly throughout the home.

Most of our decorative wooden components feature a flat back allowing for an easy application process. These ornamental pieces are available in several wood types and each carefully-crafted unit is unfinished allowing you to apply any wood stain or paint color of your choosing.

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