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Carved Wooden Medallions

At Osborne Wood Products, we strive to offer everything you may need to complete your next project and that includes the smaller details! Along with our inventory of table legs, corbels, mouldings and columns, we have a selection of hand carved wood medallions that will be act as the perfect finishing touch in your design. The wooden medallions feature different designs that can be used in unlimited creative applications. Use them to dress up existing furniture, transform cabinetry, accent walls and more!

Many of our wooden medallions feature stunning swirl carvings and elegant curves. These will add movement and sophisticated flow into your space. We have various designs meant to be used as pairs (choose from left and right versions), as well as singular options. For coastal-themed spaces, check out one of our Embossed Shell Ornaments (Part #8915111). These match well with other beach-inspired pieces in our unique and conceptual collection.

These accent pieces have flat backs allowing them to be easily applied to almost any surface. They are made from high quality wood that can be stained to match the furniture and decor in the space. If you are looking for a different style, we also have a large selection of wooden onlays and appliques for you to choose from. These components can complement almost any interior theme if used in the right way. We hope these stunning pieces will provide inspiration for your next project, whether you are renovating or building brand new. Completely rebuilding something may not be necessary if you utilize small, elegant upgrades such as decorative medallions.

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