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Acrylic Table Legs

Osborne Wood Products boasts an expansive inventory of wooden table legs but we are always looking to accommodate new trends and popular designs within the furniture industry. This is why we have developed a cutting edge selection of acrylic table legs and are continuously adding contemporary products to our inventory. Acrylic furniture is often seen in contemporary design but is versatile due to its simplistic beauty and can be used to accentuate any home.

Our vast selection is sure to include the perfect acrylic leg to modernize your space. All of our acrylic components are highly durable and weight-bearing, giving you the flexibility of incorporating them into a wide range of projects. Some of our acrylic table legs are renditions of popular profiles among our wooden table leg selection, while others are unique creations. You can choose from high-quality 100% acrylic designs like the Cascade Acrylic End Table Leg to stunning fusion designs such as the Solaris Acrylic Dining Table Leg. Table legs with wooden features are available in multiple wood types and have a sanded surface that is ready-to-finish.

Each acrylic component is pre-drilled for easy hardware installation. Hardware is not included on individual pieces but does come with sets of four. Each piece is designed with durability and style in mind. Our contemporary designs range in size allowing you to enhance your coffee table, dining table or kitchen island. Combine similar styles throughout your home for a beautiful, cohesive look. You can even add an elegant uplift to a piece of furniture or cabinetry with our acrylic furniture feet collection.

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