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Crown Moulding

Ornate carvings have been an integral component of architecture for centuries. While modern builds may not aim to be adorned in intricate detail from head to toe, it is common to incorporate carvings as accents within the home and the crown moulding collection at Osborne Wood Products is the perfect starting point to achieving an elegant uplift.

Crown moulding is often used at the top of walls, cabinetry and pilasters throughout the entire room to create a beautiful and cohesive design. We have expanded our inventory to include everything from the simple Contemporary Crown Moulding to the more intricate Ornate Carved Crown Moulding. We also have a selection of corner blocks to help tie the design together.

While crown moulding was initially created as a method of hiding imperfections, it has transitioned into a decorative component of modern design. With a large array of styles and shapes to choose from in our collection, you are bound to find the perfect moulding to accentuate your home.

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