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Half Round Moulding System (3.5" wide)

Among the vast selection of moulding and trim at Osborne Wood Products are various sizes of half round mouldings. The largest of these mouldings has a width of 3 1/2". These mouldings have a flat back making them versatile and easy to install. They open up a wider realm of possibility in interior design due to their unlimited number of applications. Use them as accent pieces within any room to complete your desired theme.

Our half round mouldings vary in design from simple to ornate. Dimension can be added to cabinetry or furniture by incorporating the Large Traditional Half Round Splice (Part #7211) with a round moulding design. In addition, intricate detail can be created in a kitchen or wine cellar by choosing a hand carved design such as the Large Vine Half Round Moulding (Part #7216). You can also pair one of our larger half round moulding designs with a capital, plinth, spool, or finial, to create column-like accents along the walls of your home.

Regardless of your desired theme, our wide selection of moulding and customization possibilities make it easy for you to find the perfect finishing touches to your project. Our wooden components are available in a variety of wood species, depending on your preference. They are sanded to 150 grit and unfinished allowing you to add your choice of wood stain or coat to the exterior. If you are interested in a certain moulding design but need a different size, we offer variations of them in three other sizes starting at the 1” wide half round moulding collection.

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