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Decorative Wood Inlay

Those interested in creating something truly unique should look no further than the decorative wood inlay selection at Osborne Wood Products. Available in numerous intricate patterns, a wooden inlay can completely transform a piece of furniture.

Wooden inlays are often added to tabletops, cabinetry, picture frames, jewelry boxes, and other decor as a way to create stunning detail and incorporate beautiful colors into a build. Each inlay has a unique pattern created from artfully combining wood types and stains. For example, the Rapunzel Wood Inlay Strip incorporates light and dark coloring in an attractive geometric pattern that would provide an elegant uplift to any piece of furniture.

Our wood inlays are sold in a length of 1000mm and a variety of widths allowing for easy fitting. To install an inlay, first route a groove of the appropriate width and depth into your desired piece using a straight router bit. Then, simply glue the banding into the groove. If you are looking to create a more complex design, one of our square wood inlays such as the Bright Star Square Wood Inlay might be the perfect choice.

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