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Toppers & Finials

If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to your design or are just wanting to add a bit of flair to your room, check out the toppers and finials selection at Osborne Wood Products. These decorative wooden components can be used in a wide range of creative applications including adorning mirrors, bed posts, fencing and more. Each finial is unique in its hand carved detail. With various sizes and styles to chose from, you are bound to find the perfect complementary piece to your home.

Toppers and finials can add exquisite detail to your design without being an overstatement. Our stunning hand-carved designs, such as the Artichoke Finial (Part #891739), can seamlessly complement other decor in a room while adding dimension to the space. We also offer designs that provide a simpler enhancement to your project, such as the Shaker Finial (Part #3005). This design is commonly used in arts and crafts or shaker style homes, but is versatile enough that it can be incorporated into many themes. We also have designs featured spiral patterns and intricate acanthus leaves, which can be paired with similar designs throughout our inventory for a gorgeous cohesive look.

Our wooden toppers and finials are available in a variety of wood types, depending on your preference. They are sanded to 150 grit and unfinished, allowing you to apply your choice of wood stain or paint color to the exterior. With the ability to customize each piece, you can easily complete your desired build with ease.

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