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Toppers & Finials

Sometimes the most subtle of pieces can have the greatest impact. Take the toppers and finials for example. Both toppers and finials are designed to add flair and style to your piece without overstating the design at hand. With little effort, these delicate pieces simply grace your post or frame, adding a unique character to finish off the project.

Toppers, such as the mirror and fence post toppers, add an exquisite design with a simple sphere. Whether your project calls for a small, dainty piece, or a large finish, the toppers are a perfect way to top off your design.

Finials come is a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the simple arts and crafts shaker to the carved coventry. Finials are designed to fit beautifully with bed posts and other smaller posts that require a thin, yet tall piece to bring the project together.

Toppers and finials are available in a wide variety of wood types to perfectly match your project. Whether painting or staining, the wood selection is sure to have the right wood species for your unique design.

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