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Square Collection

  1. Square Furniture Feet

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  2. Square Island and Table Legs

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  3. Square Corbels

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  4. Square Moulding and Trim

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Are you interested in traditional designs with a unique twist? Osborne Wood Products has a vast inventory of square components that are perfect for mission, craftsman, or contemporary homes. They are versatile components that can be incorporated into any home design if done so in the correct application. Our square collection includes elegant tapers, delicate turnings and simple square profiles in a variety of sizes giving you unlimited design opportunities.

Our square furniture feet include wooden, acrylic and metal options. These are ideal for modern or industrial designs. The simplicity of the square profile adds sophistication and beauty to a space. You can seamlessly continue your theme throughout the home with our square island and table legs. Our table legs vary in heights and can accommodate coffee tables, end tables, dining tables and kitchen islands. To further accentuate your design, you can incorporate one of our square corbels or square moulding and trim options. These can be used as finishing touches within your space, adding extra texture and dimension to the overall look.

Our metal components are available in various finishes, while our wooden components are offered in several wood species depending on your preference. The wooden components are also unfinished and sanded to 150 grit, allowing for further customization possibilities. You can easily make any of our wooden pieces complement your decor by selecting a specific wood stain or paint color to match. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect components to complete your build among our selection!

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