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  1. Classical Furniture Feet

  2. Classical Island and Table Legs

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  3. Classical Corbels

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  4. Classical Moulding and Trim

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Osborne Wood Products has a large inventory of decorative wooden components that fit into the classical style of interior design. Classical style is influenced by Greek and Roman architecture which emphasized balance, harmony and order. Corbels and columns are common in this collection and have been reimagined to accommodate modern designs. Popular patterns include the Greek key or fret pattern with two variations. These rhythmic pieces are simplistic but add stunning texture to cabinetry and furniture.

The classical collection features stunning patterns including elegant scrollwork, reeded, fluted and rope designs. Rich imagery such as acanthus leaves, grapes and acorns can be found carved along the exterior of these components. Choose from an extensive selection of classical island and table legs to start out your design. We offer wooden legs in a wide range of heights accommodating anything from coffee tables to kitchen islands. You can further develop the theme with classical moulding and trim options or classical corbels. Classical corbels are often sleek with emphasized curved and scrollwork. They can provide a sense of elegance and grace by using them as support for countertops, cabinetry, shelving and range hoods. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, it is easy to make your vision a reality and create a beautiful cohesive look throughout your home.

Our classical wooden components are available in several wood species, depending on your preference. These options include stain-grade and paint-grade wood types allowing you to match your decor seamlessly. Each piece is sanded to 150 grit and unfinished, giving you the flexibility of applying the finishing touch that best suits your overall design.

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