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Embossed Moulding

Osborne Wood Products works diligently to offer a wide range of products and has used an interesting technique to create a selection of embossed wooden mouldings. These mouldings are carefully-crafted from knotty pine and then inserted into a heat press in order to give them a unique, glossy look.

Our embossed mouldings feature popular architectural motif designs and can provide a sense of elegant beauty in any home. These mouldings are still expected to be stained in order to accentuate the darker details of the design.

Browse a variety of carved patterns and sizes to find the best fit for your home. If you are looking for a more popular choice, the Embossed Egg and Dart Moulding is a great option. For a more unique, intricate look, try our Embossed Leaf Moulding. Once you select which moulding you want, easily apply it to cabinetry, walls, furniture and more. Regardless of your choice, our embossed mouldings may be the perfect finishing touch you have been looking for.

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