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Industrial Casters

Osborne Wood Products offers varying designs of industrial caster wheels so that you can increase the functionality and convenience within your home. Used as an alternative to furniture feet, metal caster wheels are a great way to create portable solutions with furniture you already own. They can also be added to new builds, creating a unique style that complements contemporary and industrial design. By adding caster wheels to a coffee table, end table, ottoman or kitchen island, you are guaranteed flexibility and innovation in your space.

Our collection of caster wheels are made of heavy-duty iron with a black finish offering a modern look as well as flooring protection. They are durable components that can support anywhere from 770 - 880 pound. This excludes the Brass Cup Caster (Part #942) which is ideal for smaller furniture pieces. We have added this wheel to one of our sofa legs (the Albany Sofa Leg with Caster Wheel, Part #41034) if you are interested in lifting your couch and having the ability to easily move it around your living area.

We have different types of casters depending on the type of movement your project demands. Fixed base casters are ideal if the piece will be moving forward and backward. Swivel casters allow the piece to move in any direction. Swivel lock casters can move in any direction but feature an added lock allowing you to secure the wheel at a certain angle. Each caster is pre-drilled making it easy for you to install them. Grab a set of casters today to create your own unique piece!

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