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Enhancing your home doesn’t always mean building from scratch. Sometimes big changes can be made by concentrating on the small details. This is where miscellaneous accessories and furniture components come in. Osborne Wood Products makes it easy to achieve your desired theme by offering various wooden components and accessories for your next build.

We have many products that allow you to customize existing furniture or add the finishing touch to a new build. Our hand-carved wooden onlays and appliques are beautiful decorative tools that can be added to cabinets, dressers, mantels and more. Featuring a flat back, these wooden pieces are easy to apply to essentially anywhere and are guaranteed to add extra dimension to your design. They are available in several carved designs allowing them to seamlessly match your decor. We also have wooden knobs and drawer pulls that are a great way to accentuate furniture and cabinetry. From simple designs to themed pieces, these create a wide realm of design possibilities.

For larger projects, we offer full-sized wooden bed posts and cabinetry panels. That's right - you can create your own custom bed frame or full cabinet makeover! We also have shelving options that can be used in any room to add additional storage and design. These are available in several wood types and ready for you to apply your choice of wood stain or paint. Whether you have a specific design in mind or are just looking to add a unique touch to your home, our selection of wooden components are bound to do the trick.

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