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Half Round Moulding System (2" wide)

It is easy to add a sense of elegance to cabinetry and furniture with half round moulding. Osborne Wood Products boasts a large selection of half round moulding in various sizes, including 2” wide components. Half round moulding can be attached to virtually any flat surface as it has a flat back for easy installation. Our mouldings are also available in several styles, creating unlimited opportunities for a creative design.

Our wooden mouldings are available in numerous profiles, from simple round designs to pieces with intricate fluted, reeded and rope carvings. We also offer capitals, plinths and splicers to further customize and complete your design. Our collection features simple moulding profiles that add dimension to a space, as well as more intricate pieces with hand carved detail such as the Medium Acanthus Half Round Capital (Part #892032). Ornate components can transform a room, whether it is attached to furniture, walls, cabinetry or other design elements.

Each piece is available in multiple wood types, allowing for even more customization opportunities. Give the moulding a unique stain or coat of paint so that it seamlessly matches you decor. If you are looking for similar designs but need a different size, we offer half round moulding in four different widths to best suit your build (1", 2", 2 1/2" and 3 1/2"). You can choose the size depending on the surface you are attaching it to and how big of an impact you would like the moulding to have in the overall design. Many of our mouldings pair well with our selection of kitchen island legs and pilasters, making it simple to create a well-rounded custom kitchen.

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