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Half Round Moulding System (2" wide)

While unaccented cabinetry may have its place in a utilitarian setting, it is amazing what an incredible difference a small half-round wood strip of molding will make in the decor of a room. Half dowel molding in a small size is well suited to dressing up a room without making it look cluttered or overdone. The right molding running along the edge of the cabinetry or working as the facing on the front of a shelf has so much possibility; it has the potential to tie in all the design elements in the room, creating a great visual unity and really making the room look complete. Or, when used along with their accompanying selection of half plinth blocks and spools, small half round molding can be used to create a low relief faux column that can frame doorways, in-wall shelving areas, or even the edges of floor to ceiling bookcases. The use of small carved moldings is a versatile design tool that should never be underestimated.

Osborne Wood Products carries a full line of half round molding in a 1 3/8 inch width. These wonderfully useful and defining moldings come in a variety of styles, including a simple yet elegant rope molding, fluted and reeded molding, and a classic smooth molding are all available. When a design calls for something a little more ornate, the intricately hand carved Basket Weave molding is available, and sure to impress. Whether being used as bar molding, cabinet molding, or even trim along a shelf or hutch; these moldings are available in one foot increments between twenty four and ninety-six inches, and have a varied assortment of wood onlays that easily coordinate with them. Many of these items are available in ten or more wood types, allowing for a greater range of options from project to project.

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