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Gesso Mouldings

One of the most unique components offered by Osborne Wood Products is gesso moulding. Our selection of gesso moulding is made from paint-grade wood with a textured pattern made from a gesso material instead of hand carvings. Gesso consists of a chalk-like substance that enhances detailed textures within a design. Due to the composition of these pieces, they are meant to be painted rather than stained.

Gesso mouldings can be a highly ornate addition to cabinets and walls by providing a beautiful decorative edge. Simpler designs, such as the Rope Panel Moulding, can be used to adorn any room while the more intricate options, such as Modified Acanthus Leaf Crown Moulding, are ideal for completing a traditional, elegant home.

Along with our vast inventory of functional wooden components, we offer an array of decorative options such as the gesso moulding selection. Another common method of adding extra dimension into your design is by incorporating an onlay or applique. With a wide range of styles to choose from, and the ability to use onlays as a complement to moulding, the possibilities are endless.

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