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The industrial interior design theme combines metal components with the influence of factory and warehouse designs for a unique, inviting space. The design began at the end of the second industrial revolution. As factories were shutting down, people were buying them and repurposing them into apartment buildings and homes. Many of these buildings had exposed brick walls, pipes and other architectural elements that became decorative components of the home design. Osborne Wood Products continues to expand the industrial and metal collection to help you create the industrial home of your dreams!

Kitchen designs in industrial homes often feature islands and bar areas. We have a stunning selection of industrial and metal island and table legs for you to choose from for your next project! This includes fully metal legs as well as fusion designs of wood turnings featuring metal accents. Our wooden legs are available in a variety of wood species and can be customized with a paint or stain finish. Some of our metal components are available in different finishes so you can choose the one most suitable to your decor.

We also have a selection of industrial and metal furniture feet that can be seamlessly incorporated throughout every room of the house. With different shapes and sizes to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your personal industrial style. If you want to take it one step further with additional decorative detail, check out our industrial and metal corbel selection. These range from simple to intricate designs that can act as the perfect finishing touch for your build.

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