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Chair Rail & Frieze Moulding

Chair rail moulding, or frieze moulding, was developed as a way to prevent scratches on walls when moving chairs around. Osborne Wood Products offers a selection of this moulding that can be used in a protective manner, but each piece features intricate hand-carvings that are common when using moulding in a more modern, decorative approach.

Typically, chair rail and frieze mouldings are installed in the center of a wall, but they can also be used to upgrade ceiling or cabinetry trim. We offer a variety of moulding sizes and styles that can be used in any room, including the popular Basket Weave Chair Rail Moulding. This delicately-carved pattern can be found on a lot of products in our Basket Weave Collection, including table legs and corbels. Combining these components can result in a beautiful cohesive theme throughout the home.

Other chair rail mouldings feature more unique carvings that are meant to be singular statement pieces. Take the Carved Crest Chair Rail Moulding, for example, with stunning shapes and floral accents you might find on an antique crest. Incorporating this into your design may be the elegant detail you have been missing.

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