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Cabinetry Panels

Add exquisite detail and design to kitchen cabinetry and doors with hand carved panels from Osborne. Cabinetry panels are a great way to add a little bit of extra without overstating your design. Carved panels for kitchen cabinets come in 28” by 16” dimensions and are 5/8 inches thick. Panels can easily be used in the construction of cabinetry doors to add to, or match the current detail of the kitchen.

With unique hand carved panels, you can add a variety of styles to your kitchen. The Basket Weave Panel features our popular basket weave design. The panel is carved from edge to edge with the intricate weave design. This panel is a perfect match for elegant kitchens, and can also be paired with the Basket Weave Collection of island legs, corbels, moldings, and more!

More carved designs include the Eclipse Oval Panel. This panel features both depth and dimension for a simple, yet contemporary design. The Open Scroll Panel features a carved, scroll like motif that is both eye catching and appealing. Designs such as the Classic Swirl Panel include delicate swirls and turns, guiding the eye through the intricate detailing of the piece.

Whether the project calls for end to end carving or a small detail to bring out the design, the Cabinetry Panel selection offers a range of styles and carved detailing that are perfect for a variety of style kitchens. Whether your style of choice is contemporary, elegant, or ornate, add refreshing detail with one of these beautiful, carved cabinetry panels.

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