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Dentil Mouldings

Dentil moulding is a one-of-a-kind carved wooden component available at Osborne Wood Products. The repetitive nature of the dentil design helps create a consistent flow throughout a room.

Most often, mouldings are placed on the top of kitchen cabinets or at the base of kitchen islands, but we encourage you to use them in any creative method that helps you achieve your interior design goals. The flat back of our mouldings make them easy to install and they arrive ready-to-finish meaning you can apply a matching stain color and use them as accents on existing furniture pieces.

Our dentil moulding selection features Simple Dentil Moulding designs that can be used to accentuate cabinetry with added dimension, as well as more intricate options such as the Transitional Dentil Moulding which is a statement on its own. Each dentil moulding design is composed of satisfying rectangles and borders that can complement a large number of themes.

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