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Dentil Moulding

Dentil moulding is a one-of-a-kind carved wooden component available at Osborne Wood Products. The repetitive nature of the dentil design helps create a consistent flow throughout a room. It catches the eye due to its satisfying pattern and gives your space an impressive uplift. Whether you are looking to enhance a large room or add detail to a specific piece of furniture, these mouldings are a great option. The flat back makes it easy to apply them to walls, cabinetry and flat surfaces on furnishings.

Most often, mouldings are placed on the top of kitchen cabinets or at the base of kitchen islands, but we encourage you to use them in any creative method that helps you achieve your interior design goals. The high quality mouldings arrive ready-to-finish meaning you can apply a matching stain or paint color to them and use them as accents to your existing decor.

Each dentil moulding has a unique pattern that features repeated square or rectangular shapes. One of the simpler designs, the Simple Dentil Moulding (Part #891666) is great for accenting cabinetry and providing detail without the need for a large transformation. A more intricate design is the Transitional Dentil Moulding (Part #891665) which has more visible depth and texture that make it a statement piece on its own. The simplistic nature of these mouldings allow them to be highly versatile and complementary to many interior design styles. Incorporate them into your traditional living room or bedroom. Use them as finishing touches in your shaker or arts and crafts style kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

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