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Vineyard Collection

  1. Vineyard Furniture Feet

    Vineyard Furniture Feet
  2. Vineyard Island and Table Legs

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  3. Vineyard Corbels

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  4. Vineyard Moulding and Trim


Osborne Wood Products boasts a stunning inventory of vineyard-themed components. Historically, grapes were used as a symbol of plentiful harvests and great wealth. Architecture began incorporating carvings with grape themes in order to display this abundance. This became a popular style that is still used within modern home designs. These carvings are seen in bar areas, wine rooms and kitchens often but can be used in any room to create a sense of awe due to their intricate detail.

Among our collection you will find vineyard furniture feet and vineyard island and table legs. Many of these components are adaptations of other popular profiles with delicate grape or acanthus leaf carvings incorporated into the design. These are often used in kitchens and wine cellars, but can be incorporated into a large number of projects. Furniture feet are used to transform sofas, dressers, entertainment centers, ottomans and more. Our vineyard table leg selection includes various decorative pieces ideal for use in the kitchen. These include pilasters, columns and kitchen island legs.

If you are focusing on a cellar or bar design, be sure to check out our Wine Rack Cabinetry Lattice. This high-quality wooden lattice is a stylish and functional way to display your wine. We also have beautiful vineyard corbels with impressive carvings, as well as similar designs in our vineyard moulding and trim selection that can help provide the finishing touches in a room. It is easy to make a statement with any component of our vineyard collection, and our products allow for endless customization possibilities. Each wooden piece is sanded to 150 grit and ready to have wood stain or paint applied to the exterior. You can also choose from a variety of wood species, depending on your preference and the best fit for your build.

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