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Half Round Moulding System (2.5" wide)

Among the wide range of moulding and trim options available at Osborne Wood Products is a selection of 2 1/2” wide half round moulding. Our wooden half round mouldings are versatile decorative components that are easy to apply to virtually any flat surface. They come in a range of widths starts at 1" and ending at 3 1/2" wide. Our 2 1/2" options are medium-sized and can be incorporated into a large number of projects without overshadowing the rest of the build.

At 2 1/2” wide, these decorative components can be used as accents or as crucial elements of an overall theme. Use them to add detail to cabinets, fireplaces, staircases and even walls throughout your home. They have flat backs allowing them to be installed quickly and last for years to come. Our designs include the hand carved Large Reeded Half Round Moulding (Part #892055), as well as rope and plain round profiles. We also have a selection of plinths, capitals and splicers that can be paired with moulding to create seamless transitions and elegantly finish off your design.

Each wooden moulding is available in a variety of wood species, depending on your preference and build specifications. They are sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you will have the flexibility of customizing each piece to best suit your project. Whether you are planning on adding a wood stain or coat of paint to the exterior, we are sure that you will be able to turn these simple pieces into a work of art. If these wooden mouldings are not the desired fit for your project, check out our other sized. We offer half round mouldings in three other sizes, including our largest half round moulding system (3.5” wide).

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