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Egg and Dart Moulding

The egg & dart pattern has been around since ancient Greece and is a staple in traditional architecture. It is composed of a satisfying combination of round shapes that create intriguing texture. Our carved egg & dart moulding options are available in multiple sizes and variations so you can easily incorporate them into your home. From narrow to wide designs and several lengths to choose from, you are sure to find the finishing touch you have been looking for! Whether you are enhancing your cabinetry, furniture, doorways, walls or another area, our selection is sure to have the perfect fit for you!

We also offer a few complementary pieces to this moulding selection such as the Large Egg & Dart Corbel (Part# 892080) and the Egg & Dart Column Base (Part #1632). Pairing a few of these designs together can result in a stunning theme that is unique to your space. As shown on these larger pieces, the egg & dart pattern works as a lovely accent. Not only does our moulding and trim add a decorative touch but it can also be a purposeful accent to your furniture or décor.

These wooden moulding designs are available in various wood species depending on the moulding type. We have carved designs, embossed pieces, panel moulding, crown moulding and more. No matter what your project entails, our collection has everything you need to achieve your desired result! Each moulding will be sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished to allow for flexibility in your design.

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