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Carved Feet

Osborne Wood Products offers a plethora of cabinet and furniture feet in various shapes, sizes and styles. From simple to ornate profiles, you can find it all in our collection. Ornate designs are specifically useful in homes that emphasize intricate detail and a luxurious feel. Our carved furniture feet are a great option for those looking for to give their furniture an elegant makeover.

These beautiful wooden furniture feet can turn furniture and cabinetry into works of art. They appear simple at first due to their curved edges, but upon close look you will find impressive hand carved details such as scrolls and acanthus leaves. These elements allow the feet to act as flawless accent pieces within the home. A classic but breathtaking example is the Ball & Claw Foot (Part #891884). On its own it may not look like much but when used as the finishing touch to a cabinet, chest or chair, this furniture foot can create a stunning masterpiece.

All of our carved furniture feet are available in different wood types giving you flexibility when finalizing the design. They are then sanded to 150 grit and sent to your door ready to be finished and installed. Add wood stain or a coat of paint to them, depending on what will best match the rest of the home. Quick and easy installation makes these desirable components for achieving a cohesive design throughout the entire home. For an even simpler build, try our set of four Carved Sofa Legs with Walnut Finish (Part #40404).

Download our Application Guide to learn how to install furniture feet.

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