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Half Round Moulding

  1. Half Round Moulding System (1" wide)

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  2. Half Round Moulding System (2" wide)

    Misc half round moulding system edited
  3. Half Round Moulding System (2.5" wide)

    2 5 Half Round
  4. Half Round Moulding System (3.5" wide)

    3 5 half round moulding system 7205 7221


The 1” half round moulding is the smallest half round offered by Osborne Wood Products, but it can make an impressive statement in a room.. Choose from rope, round and fluted profiles, as well as a selection of plinths, capitals and bases. Whether you are adding a hint of detail to your cabinetry or incorporating dimension to an existing piece of furniture, our half round moulding collection is the perfect addition to your next project.


The second size of half round moulding available at Osborne Wood Products is 2” wide. These wooden components can be used to enhance the edges of shelving, vertical supports and cabinetry. We offer three popular styles: rope, round and fluted. If you are wanting to achieve a more complete design, include a plinth at the base or a capital at the top of your project.


Osborne Wood Products offers a medium-sized half round moulding at 2.5” wide. These wooden mouldings include simple round profiles, and delicately carved designs such as the rope moulding or acanthus capital. At 2.5” wide, this selection of half round moulding is large enough to make a statement without overdoing it.


The largest selection of half round moulding at Osborne Wood Products is 3.5” wide. Similar to the other sizes, this selection of wooden half round moulding is highly versatile. It can be used to elevate the design of a bookshelf, cabinet, fireplace, staircase, kitchen island and so much more. Our 3.5” wide selection includes spools, plinths and capitals to further customize your design and achieve a desired theme.


When finalizing a design, you may be in search for finishing touches and moulding is often overlooked. The flat back surface of half round moulding makes it a highly versatile decorative element. Osborne Wood Products has a vast inventory of half round moulding making it simple to find the best fit for your build. Choose from moulding styles including reeded, fluted, round, rope and more. We also have a selection of capitals, plinths and spools to further customize your design. Our wooden mouldings are available in a wide variety of wood species, each sanded and unfinished allowing you to add your choice of stain or paint to the exterior.

Half round moulding is typically found along the edges of cabinetry, enhancing the vertical and horizontal lines of the room. It can also be used to add detail to shelving and furniture. Whether you are interested in a simple enhancement using the Large Smooth Half Round Moulding (Part #7206), or an elegant uplift using the intricately carved Small Basket Weave Half Round Moulding (Part #7109), our inventory is bound to have the perfect fit for your space.

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