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Hand Carved Cabinet Components

Osborne Wood Products carries beautiful hand-carved wooden components that can be used in a variety of ways. These include column accessories, furniture feet, mouldings, corbels, finials and more. Each item is carefully-crafted to be durable and decorative.

Our intricate wooden components are available in multiple wood species allowing for further flexibility in design. Create a custom column by selecting one of our detailed capitals, such as the Large Acanthus Half Round Capital, and pairing that with a custom splicer and plinth. For additional possibilities in enhancing the larger elements of your home, check out our inventory of architectural columns and related products.

Choosing one of our hand-carved wooden designs to incorporate into your home can add a unique touch of exquisite detail that can turn a normal room into a work of art. These components can be used in various applications to complement anything from contemporary to classic styles.

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