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Carved Pierced Moulding

Our inventory boasts a wide range of wooden components from simple designs to highly ornate pieces. One of the most intricate products offered by Osborne Wood Products is the carved pierced moulding. This collection of delicately-carved wooden moulding is often used to create a statement in the kitchen but can also be incorporated into other creative room builds. It has a hand crafted quality that will make an impressive statement in any space. For example, the Floral Pierced Moulding (Part #891939) would look stunning along kitchen cabinetry or it could be used to enhance the design of a fireplace mantel, dining room hutch or dry bar.

The unique three-dimensional composition of carved pierced moulding accentuates the elegant hand-carved designs while adding dimension to cabinetry and furniture. Most of our ornate moulding designs are available in the finely-grained basswood. This wood species works well with a large array of finishes and is easy to install, which is ideal for the decorative purpose of this moulding. It can also be stained or painted, depending on your preference and what will match your décor the best.

We have a few grape carved pierced moulding options which are the perfect complements to a wine cellar, bar or kitchen. If you like one of the grape moulding designs, check out our entire Vineyard Collection which features table legs and corbels, as well as moulding and trim. The stunning grape accents create a sense of unmatched luxury and elegance. Use various products from this collection to enhance the look of your entire home.

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