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Wooden Knobs & Pulls

In design, even the details that seem to be the most insignificant can have a tremendous impact on the feel of a room. Like a sentence without punctuation, a room where the little accents and seemingly unimportant are overlooked appears incomplete. The minute details bring with them two distinct possibilities. They can either play the part of a subtle and elegant counter-theme, giving a slight contrast, or they can quietly strengthen the theme that is already present.

Osborne Wood Products has recently added a new category to our widely diversified and quickly growing line of quality components. Wooden knobs and pulls are now available to give your design that little "something extra." Whether used throughout the whole cabinet system or shelves, or simply used on a few central pieces; these delicate details are perfectly suited to add just the right touch to your next project. Drawer pulls are made to use on drawers of many sizes, but can also be turned lengthwise for use on a cabinet door, or even the door of an entertainment center. The petite wooden knobs are perfect for smaller desk drawers and kitchen drawers, doors or drawers of a buffet, or also for use on cabinetry or a china hutch.

This lovely collection began with our classic Acanthus Leaf Pull, with the wooden pull being smooth in the center, but both ends are a full acanthus leaf. The small round Acanthus knob has a delicate acanthus design on its surface, as well. The collection now includes our Basket Weave Pull - which is an incredible example of hand carving expertise - with its intricate woven detail, as well as our Traditional Knob. The smooth surfaced Traditional Knob will go well with the Acanthus Pull as well as the Basket Weave. These beautiful accents are available in ten wood types.

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