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Turning Blanks and Dim. Stock

For hobbyists wanting to explore their creative side, or even simply when squares are needed for behind-the-scenes support, Osborne Wood Products offers square blanks in many sizes and wood types. These turning squares can be used to turn your own original designs, allowing you to put more of yourself into your designs.

Are you a woodworker? A Hobbyist? Do you have your own woodworking equipment that you use to create stunning pieces of furniture and cabinetry? If you answered "Yes", this collection is for you! The Square Turning Blanks & Dimensional Stock Collection was made specifically for our woodworking and hobbyist customers who want to take design into their own hands. Explore endless possibilities for creative design with supplies from Osborne Wood Products.

This woodworking supply collection offers a wide variety of square turning blanks. These blanks are the same stock that we use here at Osborne, so you can trust that you are receiving top quality wooden blanks! Wood blanks are not sanded, as they are intended to be turned and created into a new design. Unlike square legs, these are rough squares that have not yet been sanded or dressed, and as such blanks may still contain planing marks. (If you are looking for a sanded square leg, please check out our Island Post or Table Leg collections).

Square turning blanks come in a wide variety of wood types to meet your project requirements. In fact, many of the wood blanks can be purchased in up to 18 different wood species! Wood blanks can also be found in a wide range of sizes. With heights ranging from 18 inches to 40 1/2 inches, blanks also range in width from 2 3/4 inch to 5 inch options. Other size or species may be available upon request. Please call our Customer Service Department to inquire at 1.800.849.8876.

In addition to turning squares, Osborne also offers a selection of Dimensional stock pieces. Dimensional stock can be used to create your own table apron or base kit. These pieces are a True 4 inch by 1 inch stock, and are available in both 48 inch and 96 inch lengths. Perfectly incorporate these dimensional pieces into your next project with up to 18 wood type options available!

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